We could waffle on and on about Uluwatu’s epic views, Ubud’s lush terraces and the Gili Islands’ pristine beaches, but these beauties are best believed when seen and our video gallery allows you to do just that. Whether you need some convincing of that Bali sojourn or are just curious about how to open a coconut like the locals, our catalogue has got you covered.

See the famous sunset at Tanah Lot, go for a walk through the rice fields of Ubud, do a surf check at Balangan, learn the art of making batik, watch the enchanting festivities of the Ohgo Ohgo ceremony, climb amongst the volcano and lakes of Mount Batur, check out the dreamy paradise of Gili Meno or spend the day at Padang Padang. Sure, it’s not quite as good as the real thing but it offers a visceral insight for future visitors and a moment of reminiscence for the nostalgic traveller. And we think that some things are simply best viewed from behind the safety of a screen anyhow. Case in point: the dubious Balinese custom of offering a black serpent (or the ‘holy snake’ as many believe it to be) a little belly rub for good luck. We’ll let the filmmakers test that one out.