5 utterly romantic ways to pop the question in Bali
No-can-do a Bali wedding? Proposing on the romantic Island of Gods is the next best thing.(Photo by Jeff O'Neal, Flickr)

Marry Me: Five utterly romantic ways to pop the question in Bali

There’s a rumour that’s been going around for years.  According to urban legend; couples who get together in Bali, stay together for a lifetime. Let’s face it, in this day and age of devastating divorce statistics, we could all use a little Bali magic to bless our unions.

If a Bali destination wedding is just not possible, then proposing in Bali is the next best thing. They’d be crazy not to say yes.

And Proposers, please make it an unbeatable and extraordinary proposal. So that a dopamine baseball bat knocks them over the head every time they tell their friends about the time they said “Yes!!!” in Bali.

Sunset helicoptercharter

Uluwatu Cliffs helicopter charter bali
Uluwatu Cliffs helicopter charter bali

Getting down on one knee when the sun sets on the beach is a tired cliché that doesn’t have enough moving parts to send a woman’s heart racing. Turn things up a notch and arrive at the beach in a helicopter.

Take a scenic flight over bright green rice paddies towards the emerald coastline at sun down, and then land on a secluded beach in Uluwatu where champagne and strawberries await the big, romantic moment.

Sail on an exotic yacht

Remember that scene in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button when the lovers dock the boat in the night, dive into the pitch black waters and swim to a sandy cove to you-know-what…

The same effect is lost on a sleek modern boat. You need a classic schooner that sails to Komodo to recreate that sublime moment. The Flores archipelago looks just like the scene – and is sure to reap the same results.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding through Balinese villages and rice paddies towards the beach is only advisable if you’re both good riders. It’s a distinct no-no for first timers. The last thing you want to do is drag your other half through an unbearable trail, with a stubborn horse, and propose to a ball of frustration whose hair looks like cousin It.

Mount Agung

Everyone seems to propose at sunset, or under a blanket of stars and the fickle moon. Sunrise from Mount Agung is a breathtaking sight to witness, and it’s a little unexpected ensuring some genuine surprise.

The trek begins the night before at around 11pm. It takes six to seven hours to reach the sunrise point where you’ll get down on one knee and look up at your partner’s face, glowing with the warm rays of the sun. Joy!

Blue Point Jimbaran

Propose at the Rock Bar Bali
(Photo by Ayana Resort)

We haven’t forgotten about the less adventurous, introverted yet thoughtfully romantic couple. Spend the day on Blue Point Beach and, get tipsy at the Rock Bar.

There’s always the possibility of a romantic dinner, a balmy ocean breeze and an engagement ring that fell into a champagne glass.

Keep it cool, spontaneous and off-season.

Where not to propose

One more thing before you whisk her away to Bali; legend also has it that unwed couples who visit the ancient Pura Tanah Lot temple are doomed to part. Since we’re counting on a little superstition here, there’s no harm in leaving Tanah Lot out of the itinerary. At least until after the wedding.