Five types of popular retreats in Bali

Going to Bali for the same old vacation can be boring. Many resorts and travel agencies now offer vacation packages that are centered around unique themes. From wellness escapes to surfing retreats, all these packages try to fulfil specific needs of certain groups that are usually unmet in common travel packages.

If you’re one of those travellers looking for something different in your next visit to Bali, get a good dose of inspiration from these 5 popular trips

1# Yoga retreats

Ubud is known as the hub for spiritual retreats in Bali. The lush tropical forests and rice-fields are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the plethora of reasons people are keen to visit. ONEWORLD retreats is a famous retreat center in Ubud that offers a weekly retreat for the whole year around. However, if you love beaches more than jungles, then choose Seminyak or Sanur.

Seminyak is best for those who want to join a retreat but feel reluctant to be away from the city vibe. This place is famous for its clubs and shopping stores, which can be the reason of why many women’s retreats, such as Inner Temple Retreats, are held here – blending peace and yoga with material delights.


2# Spa retreats

Another option for killing all of your holiday hours in Bali is joining a spa retreat. This type of retreat is usually offered by popular resorts or hotels. Although most spa retreats are aimed at honeymooners, singles are increasingly signing up for some “me time”.

A typical spa retreat usually includes accommodation, meals and body treatments, and quite frequently, daily yoga. If the retreat is combined with a raw food program, then be ready to go for a fruit juice diet or the like. The main emphasis of a spa retreat relaxation so you can probably leave your running shoes behind.

One of the best places to have a spa retreat is Fivelements Puri Ahimsa in Mambal. This venue was crowned as “The Spa Retreat of The Year” in 2013 by Asia Spa Awards. Another place is Como Shambala Estate in Ubud that offers a spa retreat focusing on Ayurvedic treatments. Absolutely divine.


3# Raw food retreats

Resist the temptation to go on a crazy gastronomical tour of the island and opt for a cleansing raw food retreat instead! Since Bali is blessed with fertile nature where organic produces is easily grown, many nutritionists choose the island to hold raw food retreats.

This type of retreat is basically aimed to detoxify your digestion system. The cleansing process which takes place during the retreat will make your body feel light and refreshed, healthy and light.

Sometimes a raw food retreat may include yoga and meditation sessions or it may also be combined with a spa or even cooking retreat program. Just choose one that suits you best.

Natural Instinct Healing hold their “Bali Raw Live Food Retreat” in Ubud. Email them to request their schedules. Another option is The Bali Embracing Health Detox 8 day “Bali Detox, Healing and Raw Food Retreat” that starts 16th July – 24th, 2016.


4# Cooking retreats

Many honeymooners sign up for a cooking retreat, usually held by a famous hotel or resort. This type of retreat usually takes place in the hotel, with one of the chefs being the cooking instructor. What will you be whipping up in the kitchen? Usually Bali’s traditional food delights, but a little internet research may lead you to something different.

The good thing about joining a cooking retreat is that you don’t have to leave your hotel or resort, the downside being they usually only offer one cooking session during your entire stay.

An alternative option is building a personalised cooking retreat schedule yourself; staying in any hotel and booking as many cooking sessions as you wish. The Tugu Hotel, Bumbu Bali, Casa Luna Restaurant, and Paon Bali are all great examples of places offering unique and trusted cooking classes.

Book culinary vacations could be the best option if you want to have a complete solution. Not only do they arrange your accommodation, but they also provide a bigger schedule of year round cooking sessions.


5# Surfing retreats

There are lots of “surfer resorts” in Bali, but it is rare to find one that offers a legitimate surfer’s vacation package . Mostly, they offer accommodation, meals, and other standard services you can find in any hotel, just with a bit of a laid back vibe. For specific surfing related needs, you have to arrange them yourself.

Bali Yoga and Surf Retreats are a better choice if your’e looking for a complete surfing package. The retreats include 7 nights accommodation, meals, surf lessons and many other activities. They are located in Nusa Lembongan, which is a separate island to the south of Bali, still belonging to the Bali province.

Surf Goddess Retreat and Mind Body Soul Surf Bali are organisations that offer surf retreats for women only. Both of them are located in the vibrant list of retreat styles available in Bali is increasing all the time for those who get bored of taking the same old vacation. The best thing about the “retreat” vacation model is that it serves people of different interests and allows them to do what they love to do, but with a different setting, learning to see the world from a different point of view.