DJ Yasmin at Dreamfields
DJ Yasmin performing at Dreamfields Bali. Photo by Narendra Kameshwara.

We chat to DJ Yasmin: spinderella, music-maker and fashionista

Fahria Yasmin, aka DJ Yasmin, Indonesia’s perennial party girl, ‘spinderella’, music-maker and fashionista, is making some serious waves in Indonesia’s clubbing circuit, along with her mass legion of fans. Growing up in the cosmopolitan and cultural hub of Jakarta, Yasmin was exposed to and inspired by an eclectic range of musical genres. However, her true passion lies in dance music. Yasmin’s genre-mixing prowess cleverly combines progressive, tribal, techno trance and break beat. When hitting the club and festival circuit, the DJ dynamite masters the complex art of unifying her party audience through music which has sought her recognition among clubbers and Asia’s dance industry leaders alike. We caught up with DJ Yasmin fresh off her performance at Dreamfields Festival Bali to talk musical influences, fave haunts, places to spin on the party island and her dream collab partner, along with plenty of girly fashion talk to boot.

DJ Yasmin on the decks

Musical influences and inspiration…

You got into DJing at quite a young age, how did it all begin for you and what made you pursue this career?

I have been DJing since I was 19 years old. My best friend was a DJ and he helped me learn all the skills and tricks that go with DJing. Once I learnt the basic fundamentals, practiced and brushed up on my skills, I knew that I wanted to pursue it even more. From the very beginning, my passion has been in dance music. I would listen to all types and genres of dance music, just trying to learn as much as possible. I still do that now.

Who are your musical influences and what is the inspiration behind your sound?

My best friend was a trance DJ, so together we were influenced by and inspired by the sounds of of Tiësto and Armin van Buuren. I also enjoy listening to house music, progressive and techno.

What would you be doing if you weren’t DJing and producing?

If I wasn’t in the dance music industry I would take over my families business. Or I would love to be a make-up artist!

Dance music scene in Indonesia

How has living in Indonesia influenced your sound and music career?

The dance music scene in Indonesia is really big right now, it’s not seen as a subculture anymore. With music festivals starting to pop-up all over Indonesia, I believe it’s the ultimate time to be a DJ here, and in terms of production, create dance music and be part of the music industry. There are so many elements in Indonesia’s dance music industry that can be explored right now. The current club scene is wonderful. I’ve been requested to play at gigs in almost every city in Indonesia. I am just so grateful for the opportunity. I truly believe this is a perfect time for Indonesian DJs to get recognition in the country, as well as from the international dance scene.

DJ Yasmin playing at Dreamfields

“The dance music scene in Indonesia is really big right now, it’s not seen as a subculture anymore.”

Who would be your dream collab partner?

My dream collab partner would be an Indonesian band called Maliq & D’Essentials. In terms of collaborating with DJs and Producers I would love to partner up with Calvin Harris and Armin van Buuren, that would be amazing!

What are your top places to DJ at while you’re in Bali?

Wow, there are so many, but if I have to pick I would go with Hu’u Bar in Seminyak, A-Club, Deejay Club, and Pyramid.

Favourite haunts, boutiques and places to chill-out

Could you fill us in on your favourite haunts and places to chill-out at while visiting Bali?

I like to relax and dine-out with friends at Mamasan and my precious hideaway, Karma Kandara and Finn’s Beach Club. I love spicy food, so my fave food joint is Nasi Pedas Bu Andika!

When it comes to gig fashion, who is your style inspiration and what are your “go to” local and international fashion brands?

I’m really digging Rihanna’s style right now. She’s unique, beautiful, sexy, a fashionable rebel and never puts a foot wrong when it comes to her fashion choices. Even the pop stars off-duty looks are fabulous!

“You can never go wrong shopping in Bali’s boutiques with the hottest threads.”

Personally, I love the fashion range at Somewhere Boutique in Bali, and international brands like Top Shop. You can never go wrong shopping in Bali‘s boutiques with the hottest threads found at places like Bamboo Blonde. As for my go to brands for shoes, I adore the luxe range at Steve Madden and Jeffrey Campbell.

DJ Yasmin on fashion and Bali

Partying in Bali and best piece of advice…

For first time travellers and party-goers planning to check out Bali’s festivals, do you have any helpful tips?

My advice would be to stay close to the event grounds or venue. Believe me, you don’t want to sit in a traffic jam for hours and have it suck up all your festival excitement.
Eat before you rave.
For the girls, wear comfortable party attire, like sandals, shorts, t-shirts or tank tops and no heels.
Bring enough cash, there’s nothing worse than searching endlessly for an ATM machine.
Stay safe and mindful. Party with friends and take care of each other.
Take lots of photos to capture and remember the experience.

And always bring a positive aura with you!

DJ Yasmin beach shot

Best piece of advice and words of wisdom?

Always be grateful for the opportunities the world presents to you. Embrace life and never regret anything because everything happens for a reason, that’s my motto!

Any exciting plans up your sleeve for the rest of this year?

I look forward to producing more music this year!


Photographs by Narendra Kameshwara


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