Daryn Mc Bride: artist, longboarder and renaissance man

Deus is hosting an exhibition on July 18th. And you need to be there.

Daryn Mc Bride  is one of the most remarkable artists, surfers, shapers, philanthropists and all around good guys you’ll ever meet. Always there when needed, he has a nice word for pretty much everyone on his tongue.

You won’t hear him talking about himself unless you insist and ask. When he starts to tell his story, he talks about his art and success as a pro surfer like a beautiful gift he was given; nothing more than an instrument through which creativity manifests itself.image 8


Daryn Mc Bride is one of the rare people out there who, even though they have tremendous success, stays solid with both feet on the ground, thankful for the great opportunities life offers him.

But for every talent to evolve, you need a big portion of endurance, willing strength and passion. Daryn obviously has it all and when he starts to talk about what stirs his blood, his eyes sparkle clear and blue like the ocean he spent most of his life in.


If you’ve heard of  Daryn Mc Bride then it is probably because he’s a champion longboarder. He was born in New Zealand and started surfing before he could even swim. “I was really scared of losing my board for a long time,” he says laughing.


photocredit by surf2surf.com

Maybe that desire not to drown is one of the secrets that made him such an amazing surfer. He got his first sponsorship by the age of 15 and since then has won 2 national long board circuit titles, and did the NZ Nationals 4 times, receiving two 2nds and two 3rds. All in all he has won about 22 events nationally, and 3 pro events in Queensland.

When he is out in the water it seems like the sea just waits for him, ready to carry him and his board out for a beautiful dance. When the wave is at its steepest, he stands on the tip of the nose spreading his arms as if embracing the moment of infinite happiness to become one with the waves and the ocean.

“Never be afraid to be yourself,” he says. And this is what he builds his whole lifestyle on.


Constantly reaching out for everything that he is passionate about, it was just natural that he started to shape his own boards. By that time, the company he rode for didn’t want to shape the boards he needed, so Daryn started to shape his own boards exactly the way he wanted them (keel fin fishes, single fin eggs, really short wide boards, flat rocker, one, two, and four fin configurations). It wasn’t long until he had an offer from a rival company.

They gave him full use of their factory and materials to produce his own boards, so long as he put their label on the boards. Daryn was stoked. He shaped, learned and in the slowly built up his own very successful surf board brand, FEET, on the side.

Shaping at Deus

Looking back on a 15 year career as a professional surfing champion, amazing shaper, well recognized painter, and father of four children, he modestly describes his arrival at Deus.

“When I entered the shaping room, laying my plank on the exact same spot where people like Bob Mc Tavish and Thomas Bexon shaped their boards, I got so nervous that I didn’t even know how to start.”

Daryn-shaping-at-Deus photocredits by this instagram dude: #kalibow

“I always admired their work. Being in one line with them now is simply overwhelming.”

Shaping boards for Daryn is simply an extension of his creative arm. And creating is as important for him as breathing or being in the water on his board.

The Man

He truly is an extraordinary man who takes the challenges life confronts him with, and transforms them into something inspiring.

Not being scared to share his struggles with depression, he took part in the 2013 Movember Campaign – an association for mental illness and prostate cancer. He talked openly in a video campaign about his lengthy battle, and used his unique skills as a professional surfer, shaper and artist to craft a special one-off board for the NZ Movember community.

image 5

Getting the word out and encouraging people not to be afraid to ask for help made him become a forerunner and an example for all males who are confronted with similar issues.

“The only thing hip about me is the ache I get in my hip when I’ve been surfing to much!”

During his graphic design studies, he slightly changed his path and ended up with a Diploma of Fine Arts. He couldn’t help himself but to follow his heart and passion. Doing what he loves was always the most important thing for him. Painting and drawing is a natural way to stay close and true to himself and express whatever he needs to get out.


Exploring a new inspiring field, he started screen and module printing, working for Bodyline Wetsuits for several years to help set up their screen-printing department.

painting-by-daryn McBride

He’s designed t-shirts for everyone; AC/DC’s drummer Phil Rudd; his sponsors; leading fashion labels; corporate industry giants; and the local primary school. His knowledge of the process of screen-printing has been key to his success in this area of design and became a big part of his artwork.

Together with Tony Ogle, he exhibited in Taranaki in 2010. “Tony has always been someone I look up to as an artist, and to have had the opportunity to exhibit alongside him was a career highlight for me as an artist,” he describes.

“I’m doing what I love, which for me is the most important thing”

“I’m getting to old to be hip,” he laughs. “A friend of mine from Noosa hit me up the other day and asked if I had an anchor tattoo, accusing me of being a hipster. I told him the only thing hip about me is the ache I get in my hip when I’ve been surfing to much!”

If you can’t make it to the exhibition at Dues on the 18th of July opening night, come by any other day.  Seriously, get a bit of culture into your surf/spiritual journey. The exhibition is on for 6 weeks.


Check out more of Daryn’s stuff on Instagram and Facebook.

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