World renowned Yoga Instructor, Cristi Christen at BeingSattvaa Retreat Bali
World renowned Yoga Instructor, Cristi Christen at BeingSattvaa Retreat Bali

BeingSattvaa Vegetarian Resort in Bali: Choosing a Non-Harming Path

BeingSattvaa Vegetarian Trail-Blazers

Most of us like to think that we don’t harm ourselves or others. We also might want to believe that we are doing our part to address the most epic threat to our existence, global warming climate change. But, we might be troubled with doubts. You might be saying, ‘What can one person, do to make even a tiny dent in the global warming threat?’ It turns out that the answer is more straightforward than you think. In fact, the answer is literally right under our nose.

That quarter pounder is worth more than 30 average American showers. One of the easiest ways to slim your water footprint is to eat less meat and dairy.” –National Geographic

Opting for a plant-based diet, just one day a week for starters, is that dent. And, the effects are not that tiny. That’s the great news. It gets better. There is one resort in Bali that is taking it up several notches by being a pure vegetarian resort. The resort is called BeingSattvaa. BeingSattvaa and the team behind it are trailblazers of sorts. Being a vegetarian is still the ‘wild-wild-west’ in many parts of the world. In Asia, the plant-based diet scene is in its infancy.

BeingSattvaa essentially means having balance. The Bali-based resort made a bold yet compassionate decision to be true to its name by making harmony its centrepiece. One important concept to achieving balance, according to wisdom-based philosophies, is to practice non-harming. BeingSattvaa’s ethos is deeply rooted in non-harming by being a fully vegetarian operation. It turns out that this is one of the most sustainable things we humans can do.

We don’t even do fogging on the grounds,” says Renuka Vaidyanathan, BeingSattvaa’s owner and operator. “The insects, monkeys, frogs, and Hornbill birds all live in harmony here. The orchestra of night sounds create a soothing symphony for the soul.”  This philosophy is paying off big time. The surrounding jungles are still pristine and continue to give refuge to elusive Balinese wild life, like the wonderful Hornbills.

rice fields of BeingSattvaa Retreat
Photo: pristine Balinese rice fields courtesy of BeingSattvaa

Just like all pioneers, Renuka, will have their share of challenges. Renuka admitted, “We had one guest after check-in discover that we don’t serve meat or seafood. This guest was not a vegetarian so he planned to check-out. However, he quickly changed his mind after dining in our restaurant.”

Renuka of BeingSattvaa with husband Subba
Photo: Renuka of BeingSattvaa with husband Subba courtesy of BeingSattvaa

BeingSattvaa Vegetarian resort in Bali: The Resort at a Glance

The property is one kilometre away from the main road. This proximity provides easy access yet far enough from the street bustle. It’s an idyllic tropical setting, perched on top of two ravines flanked by coconut trees and rice paddies.


Accommodating individuals, couples, and groups, BeingSattvaa has it covered.

  • 3 individual suite rooms with twin beds
  • 3 individual suite rooms with queen beds
  • 3-two bedroom twin/queen duplex options using the 6 individual rooms listed above
  • 2 traditional one bedroom Joglos
  • 1 three bedroom villa
  • Safety deposit boxes
BeingSattvaa Guest Room
Photo: open architecture guest room courtesy of BeingSattvaa


The residences lay at the ‘top’ of the resort. The pool, dining, spa, kitchen, and reception make-up the hub of the property. Located on the other side of the hub, the Yoga studios and meditation area gives balance to the entire setting.

  • Swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Two Yoga studios
  • Open kitchen
  • Dining and lounge area overlooking the pool and rice terraces
  • Free wifi (fibre-optic)
  • TV room
  • Organic garden
BeingSattvaa swimming pool
Photo: swimming pool and dining pavilion courtesy of BeingSattvaa


The food offerings are a nirvana for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Balinese Chef Agus is no newcomer to the vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The key take-away is that BeingSattvaa has no need to compete with animal-based dishes. This is a major difference with mainstream vegetarian establishments that focus on faux meat productions. BeingSattvaa’s Indian and Balinese inspired dishes are delectable in their own right.

  • Pure vegetarian – no meat and seafood
  • Healthy and fresh breakfast, light meal, and main course options
  • Start the day off with fresh pastries, muesli, fruit, and maybe an traditional Indian roti dish
  • Balinese influenced dishes such as lumpia, lontong sayur, and nasi goreng
  • Delicious Indian fare with authentic dhals and thalis
  • Rejuvenating soups, salads, and desserts
  • Produce sourced from local markets and from the premises


mouth-watering lumpia at beingsattvaa
Photo: mouth-watering Lumpia courtesy of mark l chaves
Balinese Longton Sayur
Photo: Balinese favourite Longton Sayur with a twist courtesy of mark l chaves
Balinese Nasi Goreng at BeingSattvaa
Photo: Savoury Balinese Nasi Goreng with Succlent Tempe Satay courtesy of mark l chaves


Local certified Yoga Instructors make good use of BeingSattvaa’s two dedicated studios. Be sure to check their website to take advantage of their own Indian (Vedic) based authentic Yoga retreats.

Yoga at BeingSattvaa
Photo: Yoga at BeingSattvaa courtesy of mark l chaves

Practice Yoga off your patented sticky-mat by exploring the hidden Balinese Puras (temples) that are ‘off the grid’ but within walking distance of your very room. Don’t worry, you are in good hands with BeingSattvaa’s expert local guides.

Cristi Christensen Yoga Instructor at BeingSattvaa Vegetarian Resort Bali photographer mark l chaves
Photo: Yoga Instructor, Cristi Christen gets acquainted with the local surroundings courtesy of mark l chaves

One cannot help but feel an easiness and tranquility that immerses the lush tropical grounds. The ambiance of BeingSattvaa is Bali at its finest. Yet there is something deeper and more true here. There is an essence of authentic peace. From Renuka’s perspective, “It’s not really about making a judgment call on whether or not to eat meat. It’s more like opting to sustain life by choosing a non-harming path.

If we completely take harming out of the picture, all that remains is peace. Bali is also known as the Island of Peace. Now, peace has another home on the island.

BeingSattvaa Vegetarian resort in Bali: Contact

The resort is a short 6 km ride from Ubud centre and can be reached using Jalan Raya Andong. While heading North on Jl Raya Andong, approximately 3.5 km past the Arjuna statue, take a right on Jalan Raya Kendran.


Address: Jalan Raya Kendran, Banjar Kapitu Desa Kendran, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Telephone: +62 361 8493 701
Email: [email protected]

Supporting Environmental Data

Statistics cited in the National Geographic.

  • Water footprint: Can you imagine how much water is used to take one shower in America? Now imagine taking 30 showers in one day. That is the amount of water used to generate one, yes just one, quarter pounder hamburger.
  • Carbon footprint: Next time you see a Golden Retriever or similar dog breed, picture having to lift the dog. On average, they weigh 25-30 kg (55-70 lbs). 1 kg of beef generates 27.0 kg (60 lbs) carbon dioxide, while the same amount of tomato gives off 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs) only.
  • Land footprint: 70% of the earth’s surface is ocean leaving just 30% land. Livestock takes up 30% available land. We are getting “squeezed” on both ends as the sea level rises and livestock takes up more room.

BeingSattvaa Vegetarian resort in Bali: Photo Gallery

A visual collection of what awaits you at BeingSattvaa.

Buddha watches over BeingSattvaa swimming pool
Photo: pool and Bali’s sought after rice terraces courtesy of BeingSattvaa
Dinner at Beingsattvaa
Photo: dinner at Beingsattvaa courtesy of mark l chaves
BeingSattvaa Main Yoga Studio
Photo: main Yoga studio courtesy of BeingSattvaa
Delicious Vegetarian soups at BeingSattvaa
Lead photo and this photo: Balinese hospitality and vegetarian soup courtesy of mark l chaves
BeingSattvaa Spa
Photo: spa beds await courtesy of BeingSattvaa
BeingSattvaa Breakfast
Photo: balanced vegetarian breakfast courtesy of BeingSattvaa
BeingSattvaa Guest Room
Photo: intimate and cozy guest room courtesy of BeingSattvaa
BeingSattvaa Fresh Dinner Rolls
Photo: fresh dinner rolls courtesy of mark l chaves
Chef Agus at BeingSattvaa
Photo: Chef Agus at BeingSattvaa courtesy of mark l chaves

BeingSattvaa Resort Videos (YouTube)

BeingSattvaa Vegetarian Resort: Choosing a Non-Harming Path in Bali
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BeingSattvaa Vegetarian Resort: Choosing a Non-Harming Path in Bali
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