Seminyak: Bali's trendiest suburb

Sandwiched between Bali’s main highway and the coastline is the island’s trendiest suburb of Seminyak. Once a small village with no neighbours, Seminyak is now filled with luxe villas, restaurants, fashion boutiques and nightclubs, making it hard to discern where the area ends and Legian begins.

The main streets of Seminyak are Jalan Seminyak, Jalan Kayu Aya (previously called Laksmana but still best known as Oberoi), Jalan Dhyana Pura and, the recently developed, Jalan Petitenget. The most famous is Oberoi, often referred to as ‘The Eat Street’ due to is high concentration of cafes and restaurants. The Petitenget Temple marks the point where Oberoi turns into Jalan Petitenget.

Here you will find many of Bali’s best restaurants including Metis, Sarong and Merah Putih. Just down the road is the hip and huge Potato Head Beach Club featuring three restaurants, two bars, and a concept store. Throughout the high seasons (August and September/December and January) Petitenget Beach is brought to life by Potato Head’s themed parties and music festivals which attract up to 4000 visitors.

When tourists aren’t partying, the many fashion boutiques of Seminyak provide suitable distraction. You will find no high-end stores in the area but rather a mix of local designers as well as Australian and European brands that are based out of Bali. The biggest names in the area include Magali Pascal, Lulu Yasmine, Biasa, This Is A Love Song, The Story Of, Ebony Eve, Natasha Gan, Prisoners of St.Petersburg, and K&I. And because board shorts and a singlet are still the most popular dress code on the island, even in trendy Seminyak, there are plenty of surf shops to be found.

Seminyak also boasts a vibrant art scene. Exhibition openings and events are rare but rising, and some interesting things can be found in the galleries. Folk Art Gallery has an eclectic mix of art pieces from all over South East Asia with an emphasis on those from Burma. Biasa Art Space and Kendra Gallery both host exhibitions that feature clever selections of contemporary designs. One World Gallery is a showroom for well established artists. Buddha Gallery Bali shows authentic antiques such as Buddha statues, sculptures and ritual implements, originating from Thailand, Burma, Laos, China and Japan.

As well as its fabulous social scene, one of Seminyak’s best assets is its beach – scenic, clean and famous for magnificent sunsets.


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